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Ready-To-Use GallonReady-To-Use Gallon


Of course shaved ice wouldn’t be shaved ice if it wasn’t for the wonderful assortment of mouth watering flavors. Snowie Shaved Ice has over 90 of the best flavors on the planet used to flavor shaved ice, coffee, or ice cream. But our commitment to bring you the best flavors goes beyond taste. Our Shaved Ice flavors are economical and easy to use. Snowie is your one stop source.


These Ready-To-Use Flavors are…well, ready-to-use, meaning that you can pop off the top of the lid and just pour it right on top of your shaved ice. No mixing, no stirring, etc. They come pre-mixed and ready to make your shaved ice taste incredible!


  • Weight: 11 lbs

  • Dimensions:  6 X 6 X 11.81

  • Size:  Gallon

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