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Assorted 6 Stick Kits - NaturalAssorted 6 Stick Kits - Natural


🍹 EASE OF USE: Each flavor pack is made small enough to fit through the mouth of the included bottles, keeping the mixing process precise and clean. Each packet will make one pint of flavor, two packets make a quart.

✔️ CONVENIENT + VALUE: Shipping liquid is heavy and expensive! Using powder mixes gives you more value! You will be able to purchase as much flavor concentrate as you wish, and we will not have to send one ounce of liquid. Packets cost just a bit more than a stamp to ship, and we pass that savings onto you, our customer!

😊 DIRECTIONS: 1) Pour packet contents into bottle. 2) Add 1 oz water & shake well. 3) Add 1 cup of sugar. 4) Fill bottle with water, shake until mixed and enjoy! Use within 1 year of mixing; does not require refrigeration

👍 CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Snowie has been committed to the shaved ice industry for over 35 years bringing the highest quality ice shavers and flavors to your communities and homes. If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied, rest assured that we will take care of you!

Flavors Options

  • ICE: Tiger's Blood, Peach, Lime, Pink Bubblegum, Orange, Wild Blueberry

  • SWEET: Blue Raspberry, Banana, Mango, Pink Lemon Sour, Black Cherry, Lemon Lime

  • SNOW: Pina Colada, Zombie Virus, Root Beer, Hawaiian Punch, Watermelon, Sour Grape

  • SHAVE: Cherry, Pink Cotton Candy, Coconut, Aloha Hawaii, Blue Bubblegum, Lemon

  • SUMMER: Strawberry, Grape, Pineapple, Blue Cotton Candy, Red Raspberry, Margarita

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