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Snowie Holiday Bundle

Ring In The Holidays With

The Little Snowie Max!

Save 2190000 %
Little Snowie Max - 6-Stick Kit
Great For Parties

The Little Snowie Max is always the hit of the party. Whether its the middle of summer of the holiday season.

More Then Shaved Ice

Feel like a mixed drink? Or maybe a yummy fruit based dessert. Either way the Little Snowie has you covered.

Safe For Kids

With its unique design the Little Snowie only turns one when the lid is pressed and fully closed.

Use Any Ice

One of the most useful features of the Little Snoiwe is you can use any size or shape ice right out of your freezer.

- 249500 %
Assorted 12-Stick Kit
- 469500 %
Ultimate Party Pack
- 2690000 %
Little Snowie Max - Premium Kit
- 0 %
Ready-To-Use 3 Pack
- 209500 %
Daisy Cup 10 Pack